About Luv&Co. Estate Agents

LUV&CO. came about through the ideals to provide a better, more ethical, real estate experience to people selling their property and also people looking to buy property.

With significant experiences both inside and outside the real estate industry, our team has brought different ideas to the company, with the aim of making the selling and buying process enjoyable and exciting, rather than frustrating and disappointing. In order to provide a better experience for everybody, we work in a streamlined, cost-effective manner, with no fancy, expensive offices – reducing unnecessary overheads allows us to pass on savings to our clients in the form of more competitive commission fees and lower marketing costs.

Most importantly, we deliver our service with knowledge, experience, empathy and passion.


To provide an innovative and preferred real estate service that:

recommend to family and friends

refer to their community

recommend to their valued clients

seek for long-term rentals

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